XG-75P Two Way Portable Radio

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G-75P Two Way Portable Emergency Services Radio - front angle view
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XG-75P Two Way Portable Radio - color options
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XG-75P Two Way Portable Radio - rear view
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The XG-75P is a single-band radio operating in the VHF, UHF-L, and 700/800 MHz frequency bands. Delivering multiple features and options, this portable is easily customized to meet users' needs. Rugged, immersible (option), and UL certified for C1D1 HAZLOC use (option), the XG-75P is the ideal solution for customers who operate their radios in the toughest conditions.

Rugged. Durable. Dependable.

Available in High-Visibility Yellow, Tactical Green, Midnight Black and Standard Gray, the lightweight XG-75P comes with an impressive list of standard features, including active noise cancellation and single-key DES encryption.

 View the XG-75P Two Way Portable Radio on the Harris website.

L3Harris’ XG-75Pe radio is the rugged, durable and dependable choice for mission-critical communications.