TP3300/TP3350 Portable Analog and DMR Tier 2 Radios

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TP3000 DMR Portable Radios - full keypad
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TP3000 DMR Portable Radios - key options
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TP3000 DMR Portable Radios - white and black
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The Tait TP3300/TP3500 portables are economical solutions that deliver robust DMR conventional performance that is IP67 rated for water and dust protection. This dual mode radio also performs in analog mode, providing a cost-effective migration path to digital.

Cost-effective, Customizable DMR Conventional Communications 

The feature-rich TP3300 and TP3500 are available in three keypad options (0, 4 and 16 keys) and a choice of different cover colors to suit the needs and budget of any organization. The radios can be personalized with custom labels to clearly identify specific teams, radio types and users. If needs change, colors and keypads can be swapped out.The TP3350 model includes Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and additional worker safety enhancements built-in, including Man Down, GPS location services and Vibration alerts for text messages.

Key Benefits

Flexibility of analog conventional and DMR Tier 2 communications
Easily customized for individual and team needs with choice of color and keypad
Personalized labels help quickly identify talk groups and users
Delivers rugged performance with IP67 Water and Dust Protection
TP3350 includes enhanced worker safety features including Man Down, GPS, Bluetooth and Vibration alerts

 View the TP3300/TP3350 Portable Analog and DMR Tier 2 Radios on the Harris website.