VIDA® Network Management (VNM)

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VIDA® Network Management (VNM)
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The Centralized Network Manager application provides users with powerful tools that facilitate effective management of an OpenSky®, NetworkFirst™ and/or Project 25 (L3Harris’ P25IP) digital packet-switched network spanning multiple regions, each of which is managed by a Regional Network Manager (RNM) application. 

Monitor network performance

The Centralized Network Manager (CNM) is the consolidated point for viewing and monitoring the performance of networks with multiple Network Switching Servers
The Regional Network Manager application provides similar tools for a single region VIDA System
Both Network Managers provide a suite of powerful tools for comprehensive reporting and management of network status, fault, performance, and configuration management
Both Network Managers includes a user-friendly graphical user interface for network operations

 View the VIDA® Network Management (VNM) on the Harris website.