EnableProtect: Key Management Facility

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L3Harris EnableProtect Key Management Facility for P25 Networks
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L3Harris EnableProtect Key Management Facility (KMF), powered by Tait, is a centralized encryption solution for P25 networks using multiple terminals or supporting geographically dispersed areas. The system delivers powerful tools for remote key updates and rapid resolution of device issues.

Efficient, centralized data and communications encryption

Users can customize status displays, utilize reminder prompts and enable automatic key fill updates. Radio encryption can be updated via Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR) or loaded onto an EnableProtect Key Fill Device (KFD) for in-field distribution.

Key Benefits

Increase efficiencies and reduce cost
Web-based access provides a complete view of radio fleet status
Verify updates with a comprehensive suite of diagnostics and troubleshooting tests
Reduce downtime with multiple levels of redundancy

 View the EnableProtect: Key Management Facility on the Harris website.