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BeOn® Secure Group Communications Application- P25 Push-to-talk
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Public safety agencies and utility companies rely on their Land Mobile Radios’ Push-to-Talk (PTT) capabilities as a primary means for transmitting mission-critical voice communications. BeOn is an application that extends the capabilities of your LMR network to smartphones, tablets and PCs—providing PTT communications far beyond the boundaries of regional radio systems, and opening up affordable PTT communications to new user groups.

Public Safety’s most advanced P25 Push-to-Talk Application

BeOn keeps you connected to your LMR system anywhere you have a cellular data signal, WiFi or other data connectivity, and provides a direct connection to the backbone of your LMR system, fully supporting the features of P25 radio network. This enables BeOn to have the same PTT user experience, fleet management and security experience as the P25 system—simplifying management with only a single system to maintain.This makes BeOn the perfect solution for administrators who need to communicate or track location of team members—without the added expense of an additional LMR radio. BeOn provides a direct connection to the network backbone of many LMR systems, and has been designed to mimic the features of P25 radio networks including:Group or Individual Call
Caller ID
256-bit AES Encryption
Late Call Entry
Priority and Preemption
Group Scanning
Supervisor Override, and many other featuresNot on a P25 network yet? No problem. BeOn offers an economical path to P25 upgrade through the use of legacy system gateways, or use as a stand-alone system. BeOn provides a powerful convergence of narrowband and broadband, keeping you connected across technologies. By using existing commercial broadband networks, you can extend your PTT communication from a regional system to the nationwide coverage footprint of the commercial carrier.

Scalable, affordable communication for businesses on the go

Whether you are a factory looking for an alternative to traditional radio systems or a railroad or utility looking to expand the functionality and coverage of an existing land mobile radio system, BeOn is the ideal solution for today's mobile workforce. When combined with commercial cellular towers and mobile devices, BeOn provides the necessary components to build a standalone, self-administered, feature-rich, group-oriented PTT communications and dispatch system at a price point much lower than traditional land mobile radio networks and equipment. BeOn can also be configured as a smartphone-based extension of your existing radio network while adding advanced features such as location mapping and presence. Easy to deploy and operate. Once your BeOn system is operational, simply add users by notifying your administrator and installing the app on your smartphones and PCs using log on credentials.

 View the BeOn® Mobile Application on the Harris website.

BeOn is Public Safety’s most advanced P25 Push-to-Talk application for today’s mobile devices whether running iOS, Android or Windows on a PC client.