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The Voice, Interoperability, Data, and Access (VIDA) Device Manager is a Windows®-based application that facilitates the loading of code updates and personalities to many devices throughout the VIDA network. It centralizes and provides a common interface for this function, which in the past was performed using separate applications with different user interfaces. With VIDA Device Manager, these tasks are simplified with Windows menus and controls that provide consistency across the devices. VIDA Device Manager supports NetworkFirst®, P25IP and OpenSky® systems.

Network or Local Modes

VIDA Device Manager can be operated in either a Network Mode or a Local Mode. In Network Mode, the software resides on the Regional Site Manager Professional (RSM Pro), Regional Site Manager (RSM) or the Centralized Site Manager (CSM) for P25IP systems. Software and personalities can be sent over the VIDA network to remote devices in this mode of operation. In Local Mode, the software is loaded onto a laptop and can be used to interface directly to a device or, if network connectivity is available, interface via the radio network. VIDA Device Manager provides both Ethernet and serial interfaces in order to support these modes.

Database Repository

Device Manager maintains information in databases, facilitating the gathering of historical activities, validation checking, and the secure storage of data. Local-Central Repository Synchronization can aid coordination between technicians working together; actions performed from client PCs (e.g., laptops) can be synchronized with a Central Repository residing on an RSM or a Highly Available (HA) pair of RSM Pros (or CSMs).

Explorers and Inventories

Explorers facilitate the navigation of audits and checks, devices, personalities, and code within the system by organizing information into hierarchical nodes. Inventories facilitate sorting, grouping, and filtering of data and display details such as device hostnames and IP addresses, personality names, and code file versions corresponding to the nodes selected in Explorers.

 View the VIDA® Device Manager on the Harris website.