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L3Harris GridLink trunked digital radio coverage for distribution automation
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Tait DMR radio network
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L3Harris GridLink, powered by Tait, employs wide area, trunked digital radio coverage to deliver a Distribution Automation (DA) solution that is highly reliable and secure. L3Harris GridLink’s smart asset control works with a DMR network to deliver total system visibility, mitigating outages and increasing efficiencies.

The intelligent choice in digital radio coverage for distribution automation

Our communications infrastructure provides full-feature voice network services and wide-area data transport services based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard. GridLink builds on the proven value of DMR-based mission-critical voice by adding SCADA monitoring and control. Utility managers gain efficiencies by utilizing a single communications vendor with only one network to design, deploy, maintain, harden, and secure.

The heart of the system

Harris TD9300 DMR Tier 3 Capable Data Terminals form GridLink’s core, transmitting voice and data to outstation sites.Delivers Machine-to-Machine SCADA data
Rapidly integrates into existing systems
Ruggedized for reliable performance in harsh environments

Key benefits

Improve distribution grid operations with real time remote monitoring and control
Provide cost-effective DA in low-density areas
Reduce operational costs, enhance worker productivity, optimize energy usage and improve grid reliability, resilience and scalability
Secure your network with DMR standard security protocols and encrypted SCADA communications
Increase worker safety with rapid incident identification and response

 View the GridLink on the Harris website.