EnableProtect: Advanced System Key

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Harris EnableProtect P25 Network Advanced System Key
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Harris EnableProtect Advanced System Key (ASK), powered by Tait, protects access to your P25 network so that data is not improperly modified or reconfigured. Two layers of authentication—USB Prime and pass keys—guard against unauthorized use, and detailed read/write access levels support proper handling of information.

Secure, programmable P25 network access

Prime and pass keys contain a replaceable internal battery and clock with a programmable expiration date. A configurable pass key allows authorized users to manage P25 channel profiles, restrict the cloning of radios and regulate talkgroups.

Key Benefits

Authorize: cloning and talkgroup entry are restricted with P25 trunking protection
Authenticate: protects against unauthorized network access with two layers of authentication safeguards
Accountability: programmable expiry dates and usage limits control keys in the field 
Accuracy: the system can check a radio’s serial number and initiate customization for the intended user

 View the EnableProtect: Advanced System Key on the Harris website.