Avtec Scout Console

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Scout Product Suite
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Scout Product Suite
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Mobile Scout
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Scout with Ranger
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Customizable User Interface
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Software-based radio dispatch consoles and communications you can count on.


Scout scales from one position to hundreds with exceptional flexibility.

Lower Hardware Costs

Standard PCs and networking lower reliance on proprietary hardware.

IT Friendly Design

LAN/WAN connectivity distributes redundant components where needed.

Easy Integration

Connect with most radio and telephony platforms and peripherals.

Multi-Site Management

Software-based architecture links devices, distributed positions and sites with 100% uptime.

Unlimited Lifespan

Future-proof communications with a software solution. All generations of Scout are in active service today.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Utilize off-the-shelf Windows PCs, laptops and tablets
  • Ensure disruption-free installation and deployment
  • Maintain operational continuity during upgrades
  • Support multiple radio hardware simultaneously

Regular Updates and Enhancements

  • Access feature-rich updates and capabilities regularly
  • Improve process efficiencies and user satisfaction
  • Maintain compatibility with the latest IT platforms
  • Help determine content and capabilities for future upgrades
  • Morph the user interface gradually to roll-out changes